Production Group of Tavan Sanat Plastic

Since the last 20 years, Global Organizations have warned the issue of waterless and drought in all countries around the world, especially the middle-east. So, the world authorities' concerning about this matter made us to establish a knowledge based company named Tavan Sanat  Plastic as a long-term solution targeted waterless crisis.We tried keenly to actualize our idea and finally in 2004, the project of manufacturing the poly-ethylene tanks initiated which was align withthe cutting edge technology and standards in the world. These types of tanks improve other industries such as petrochemical, agricultural, marine, fishery and food, extensively.


production group of Tavan Sanat plastic

quality, hiring loyal work forces to customers, applying new production technology caused we proud that our company is the reliable and pioneer one in producing different type of poly-ethylene products.Our products are all types of vertical and horizontal tanks, sprayers, slim line tanks, tubs, road barriers having the health license, the national standard badge, and the certificate of quality management system which is offered in internal and external market, extensively and these truly show our company's slogan "Watching You with quality".

What customers are saying about us

Customer satisfaction is our key to success
  • Hamidi
    The main advantage of the Tavan Sanat Plastic is the commitment to responsiveness and the rapid delivery and delivery of services to agents and customers.
    Ahvaz agency
  • Hamidi zade
    Over the course of 12 years of cooperation, the quality of the products of the Tavan Sanat Plastic has always been on the market for the first time.
    Hamidi zade
    Shiraz agency
  • Fatehi
    The integrity and beuty of Tavan Sanat Plastic products varies greathlt of the same products in the market and the price of the products is convenient.
    Kerman agency

The best products of Tavan Sanat plastic

  • منبع آب
  • مخزن سه لایه استاندارد
  • مخزن آب
  • مخزن آب در شیراز

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    1. The national standard label and health certificate (Leading in quality )

    2.With over 80 active agents nationwide ( validity in market )

    3. 60-Month Golden Warranty Guaranteed quality and originality of goods (Warranty and after-sales service )

    4. The first producer of complex vertical tanks in Iran (Professional team)

    5. The leading manufacturer of small industries to select the organization of industry, mining, trade (Over 15 years of experience in the industry )