Types of Cubic Tanks

The Cubic tanks are designed and manufactured in various models according to update global standard. These tanks are generally used in all places especially those places with limit height. They are really resistance in keeping drinkable water and also chemical liquids in houses and industries. They are portable and able to produce in different colors.

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Cubic Tanks
ظرفیت (litr)مدلطول (cm)عرض (cm)قطر درب (cm)ارتفاع با درب (cm)تعداد درباطلاعات بیشتر
200توان صنعت927030531مشاهده محصول
250توان صنعت1127130561مشاهده محصول
300توان صنعت10787.530991مشاهده محصول
350توان صنعت13061.530731مشاهده محصول
500توان صنعت14010040591مشاهده محصول
750توان صنعت172.51004063.51مشاهده محصول
1000توان صنعت201.510040702مشاهده محصول
1000توان صنعت178.510040792مشاهده محصول