Horizontal tank

Types of Small and Large Horizontal Tanks

Small horizontal tanks are produced in different types with all capacities from 1000 to 3000. Apart from our special design, the tanks' strength is incomparable with other companies'. These kinds of water tanks are good for domestic, industrial, agricultural use and sewage which are offered with different capacities according to customers' needs but if you want the tank for domestic use and drinkable water, we will recommend you the three layer ones of this type.

The large tanks have two doors on top in both sides which can easily access the inside. They are used in industries, large building projects and also large tanks are safer compared to other types to keep all kinds of liquids in places with low height.

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Small Horizontal Tanks
ظرفیت (litr)مدلطول (cm)عرض (cm)ارتفاع با درب (cm)قطر درب (cm)تعداد درباطلاعات بیشتر
100ایرسا674853151مشاهده محصول
200دلتا856171301مشاهده محصول
200توان806373301مشاهده محصول
300دلتا1016776301مشاهده محصول
300توان877482301مشاهده محصول
500دلتا1178593401مشاهده محصول
500ایرسا1308496401 مشاهده محصول
600ایرسا13788100401مشاهده محصول
800ایرسا14495108401مشاهده محصول
1000ایرسا146104117401مشاهده محصول
1500ایرسا178121133401مشاهده محصول
2000ایرسا215121134401مشاهده محصول
3000ایرسا231142154401مشاهده محصول
Large Horizontal Tanks
ظرفیت(litr)مدلطول (cm)عرض (cm)ارتفاع با درب (cm)قطر درب (cm)تعداد درباطلاعات بیشتر
4000ایرسا225160170401مشاهده محصول
5000ایرسا260170180402مشاهده محصول
6000ایرسا220196210401مشاهده محصول