Vertical tanks

Types of Small and Large Vertical Tanks

Small Vertical Tanks Like other types of tanks in Tavan Sanat Plastic Company, these kinds are also produced from hygienic and standard poly-ethylene. Vertical tanks are generally suitable for places with space limitation. The difference between these tanks and their respective horizontal kinds are the height in which vertical tanks are more accessible to water pressure.

The large vertical tanks are really useful in different industries. The quality and shell thickness are the key options for these tanks' durability. If the tanks burst, they cannot easily be repaired because of much damages and also the size of the tank. We have been able to use German machines and several tests to produce products with high quality and high coefficient of confidence to meet the customer's satisfaction. These tanks also have two doors which make them easy to use and install large size fittings.

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Small Vertical Tanks
ظرفیت (litr)مدلقطر (cm)ارتفاع با درب (cm)قطر درب (cm)تعداد درباطلاعات بیشتر
200دلتا5992301مشاهده محصول
300دلتا7191301مشاهده محصول
500ایرسا80103401مشاهده محصول
800دلتا95136401مشاهده محصول
1000ایرسا115125401مشاهده محصول
1500ایرسا122155401مشاهده محصول
2000ایرسا131179401مشاهده محصول
3000ایرسا170177401مشاهده محصول
4000ایرسا175197401مشاهده محصول
5000ایرسا193202402مشاهده محصول
Large Vertical Tanks
ظرفیت (litr)مدلقطر (cm)ارتفاع با درب (cm)قطر درب (cm)تعداد درباطلاعات بیشتر
8000دلتا232224401مشاهده محصول
10000دلتا260220402مشاهده محصول
12000ایرسا280228402مشاهده محصول