Tanks Under the Stairs

Types of Under Stair Tanks

Under Stair tanks are the best choice for those who want to put the tank under the stair in their house or offices. These tanks are produced with two capacities of 500 and 1000 and they have national standard badge and health license. Despite of asymmetric appearance in these products, we produce these tanks with a special design to lessen the damages and enhance the resistance.

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Under Stair Tanks
ظرفیت (litr)مدلطول (cm)عرض (cm)ارتفاع بالا (cm)ارتفاع پایین (cm)قطر درباطلاعات بیشتر
500توان صنعت12869854240مشاهده محصول
1000توان صنعت166921054940مشاهده محصول