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Types of Road Barriers

Road barriers in this company are light with the high density and one person can easily carry when they are empty and since they are full of water, they have the high resistance. You are definitely seeking for a high quality product in your projects, so we recommend you a product with high quality, recyclable with high resistance in all weather.

Road barrier usage:

  1. Workshop projects 2. Workshop department 3. Traffic control 4. Temporary road blocking 5. General projects 6. Sports events 7. To separate roads and streets and also sports fields.

The new types of these barriers are produced in Tavan Sanat Plastic Company in which a particular kind of foam is used in them to higher the resistance. In general, using this product compared to concrete barriers keep all drivers and their cars safe from injuries and damages physically or financially.

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Road Barriers
مدلطول (cm)عرض پایین (cm)عرض بالا (cm)ارتفاع (cm)اطلاعات بیشتر
L100100552075مشاهده محصول
L120120552075مشاهده محصول
L155155552075مشاهده محصول