Types of Polyethylene Tubes

The polyethylene tubes in this company have new and individual design moreover they are used expansively in different industries such as fish, agriculture, animal husbandry, marine, food and plating. Other specifications like considerable resistance, high thickness, being strong against corrosion, portable and easy to use make this product a best choice for consumers. The quality besides the variety in color and capacity, and reasonable price in polyethylene tubes make them superior to Fiberglas tubes. Customers can order the tubes with several thickness and it is possible produce tubes in appropriate with all kinds of outlet and input fittings.

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Polyethylene Tubes
ظرفیت (litr)مدلطول بالا (cm)طول پایین (cm)عرض بالا (cm)عرض پایین (cm)ارتفاعاطلاعات بیشتر
100کوتاه9085494529مشاهده محصول
100بلند5450444053مشاهده محصول
200کوتاه10410010410022مشاهده محصول
200بلند7570595455مشاهده محصول
300کوتاه8886888643مشاهده محصول
300بلند9086464284مشاهده محصول
400کوتاه130124656051مشاهده محصول
400بلند7367736782مشاهده محصول
500کوتاه104971049750مشاهده محصول
750بلند10395776891مشاهده محصول
1000بلند178172767079مشاهده محصول